The instruments of Libratherm are designed and developed by highly qualified and experienced team of engineers with in-house hardware/software design and development facilities for both hardware and software.
Industrial Grade Digital Hygro-Thermometer
Thyristor Power Controller
Thyristor Power Regulator
Digital Temperature Controller
Micro-Controller PID Temperature Controller
Digital Portable Thermometer
Micro-Controller Temperature Controller
Molten Metal Temperature Indicator
Digital Linearized Temperature Indicator
Microcontroller PID Temperature Controller
Microprocessor PID Temperature Controller
Soak Programmable PID Temperature Controller
Temperature Scanner, Data Loggers and Acquisition Software
Humidity and Temperature Indicator, Controller
Two Wire Temperature Transmitters
Microprocessor Eight Zone Ramp
Data Acquisition Software
Microprocessor Ramp & Soak Programmable
Isolated and Non Isolated Temperature Transmitter
Isolated Temperature Process Transmitter
HT Logger Software
Microprocessor Based Humidity And Temperature Controller
Microprocessor Temperature Data Logger
Microcontroller Humidity And Temperature Transmitter
Digital Eight Channel Temperature Scanner
Microprocessor Temperature And Process Scanner
Programmable PID Temperature Controller
SCR Power Regulator
Signal Isolators
Motor Soft Starter SCR Firing Card
Temperature Process Indicator Controller
Head Mount Temperature Transmitter
Thyristor Switch Module Capacitor Bank
Humidity And Temperature Sensor and Transmitter
Libratherm Instrument
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